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Quality Schoolwear Exclusively
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HMS CLOTHING AND MANUFACTURERS WHOLESALERS provides a One-Stop shop for all schoolwear. Our products are changing and leading the market to match the need for Quality, Durability & Affordability We manufacture all our products with 100% commitment to ensure the end user feels the love and care taken whilist manufacturing the product. Our highly experienced workforce makes sure all our products are above the expected standard there by out-standing any competion in our supply. We have been supplying with Schoolwear for over 40 years to the whole of South Africa and beyond the boarders within the Southern Africa Region School.  Schoolwear is a brand which has stood the test of times, competition. Generations and generations recomment                        Schoolwear as a reliable garment. Our trademark                        by HMS is recognised  by all our customers locally and in neighbouring countries. Our quality has been further upgraded as we have purchased new knitting machines by STEIGER - Excellent quality with NO stretch after wash.     
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